Pink Ice Point

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What are Pink Ice Points?

Pink Ice Points are like $$$.  
You'll receive
5% Pink Ice Points for every eligible purchase 
(Example: If you spend $100.00 then you'll receive $5.00 PI points credit in your account). 
5% Pink Ice Points will be added to your account 30 days after the shipped date, until then they are pending.
Pink Ice Points expire after 1 year if they are not used.
Pink Ice Points are used to make purchases on our website and cannot be redeemed for cash.
You can accumulate your
PI points and spend all of it at once or save your Pink Ice Points and use portions of it at a time.
(Example: If you spend $100.00 then you'll receive $5.00
PI points credit in your account).

Pink Ice Points are based off the subtotal of your purchase.

You must sign up and become a free member to receive Pink Ice Points.

Value of Points

Very simple, 1 Pink Ice Point = $1

Promoted Products
Pink Ice Points are not applicable to Promoted Products.

** Please note that PI Points will not be applicable with the use of promotional codes and/or discounts.**

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